SEN & Disability Local Offer

All children have a right to an education that enables them to make progress so that they:

  • achieve their best
  • become confident individuals and live fulfilling lives
  • make a successful transition into becoming an adult – whether that’s into further and higher education, training or work

All children with special educational needs (SEN) or disabilities should have their needs met, whether they are in early years settings (like a nursery or a childminder), in school or in college.

In England, Statements of Special Educational Needs and Learning Difficulty Assessments have now been replaced by the Education, Health and Care Plan.

In Gloucestershire, we have a graduated pathway so that everyone gets the right support when they need it.

Every local authority must identify education, health and social care services in their local area provided for children, young people and families who have SEN or disabilities and include them in an information directory called the Local Offer. This will also help local authorities as they can use it to see where the gaps in provision are. The Local Offer also needs to include information about services provided outside your local area that local people are likely to use.

As part of the Local Offer, Little Explorers  provides information outlining the support we offer in helping to identify SEND or in working with children who already have identified SEND.

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